• West Phillips is an international portrait and travel photographer currently based in the USA. West began his photography career in 2010 while living in San Francisco. What started as a hobby and passionate past time quickly turned into a full-time career of chasing adventure and taking photos along the way!
  • After spending a few months in Australia, he achieved his first magazine publication - with DNA Magazine. Soon thereafter he returned to his home city of Miami, Florida where he could focus on building his name and brand of photography with the modeling industry there. After doing advertising campaigns for swimwear/underwear companies such as 2eros and Marcuse, West took his art and headed east!
  • The desire to chase adventure and to photograph the people and places along the way brought West to the next chapter - Asia! For the next 3 years he was able to explore and nurture a different side of his artwork - putting to use a combination of his portraiture and growing travel photography. Since then, he has been commissioned for various photo work in and around China promoting tourism and travel.
  • Currently West has taken on a massive project and is compiling his first book to be published. Since beginning his career in 2010, West has built a name and a niche within the industry thanks to his focus on Asian male portraiture. This first book will be a 'best of' collection of his Asian portraits since the beginning, as well as his newest work. The project is a huge undertaking and a true labor of love! West is self-publishing and looking to his followers and supporters to help make this book a reality. You can read about the project and show your support by donating here:
  • gofundme.com/westphillips

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"Photographer : West Phillips"